Book two of the Tempest Trinity trilogy

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In book two of the Tempest Trinity series, Emerald and her twin sisters find themselves drawn to the magic and beauty of New Orleans and the Bayou, still in search of an heirloom book and the answer to a decades-old family mystery.

The excitement and danger of the French Quarter on Halloween night introduces Emerald, Mia, and Terra (and Cheddar!) to DéSolé Marchand, a frightening nemesis with a deep connection to their past. While DéSolé fights to gain possession of the secret book, luring a gang of teenagers under the power of her conjures to help her, the girls seek to repair their bond with Eva, hoping to drive away the dangers and devastating secrets that DéSolé holds. How far will the Laurent brothers go to get what they want, Colin bargaining with DéSolé, and Ryan, now even more torn between his brother and Emerald’s fiercely independent nature? To save the integrity of their family, and their friends, the Tempest sisters must dig deeper to learn how to control their powers over physics.

Conjures is the second book in Leslie Calderoni’s Tempest Trinity, a smart new Young Adult trilogy packed with mystery, girl power, and the magic of science.



Book one of the Tempest Trinity trilogy

“I’m really excited to get Charms onto the shelves…With its themes of girl power and family bonds, it’s a fun book for a wide age range.”
Anna Augason, Santa Cruz Library (Staff Pick)

Few forces are stronger than the bond of sisterhood. The laws of physics are a close second, though—at least for Emerald, Mia, and Terra, three teenagers whose talents allow them to control time, talk to people no longer living, and manipulate the string vibrations that make up the universe.

Even with these “charms,” the girls have their work cut out for them when faced with an elaborate thread of mysteries: What family secret is Mama and Auntie Eva trying to hide from them? What is Colin, the menacing boy from New Orleans, so desperately looking for here in Santa Cruz? Matters are further complicated when Emerald is blindsided by an instant and highly impractical attraction to a new boy in town. Together, the Tempest sisters must unravel these mysteries before family tensions boil over, all the while still learning the nature and extent of their powers.

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